Steel mill or steelworks is an industrial plant for the manufacture of steel

A steel mill or steelworks is an industrial plant for the manufacture of steel.

An integrated steel mill has all the functions for primary steel production:

Iron making (conversion of ore to liquid iron),
Steel making (conversion of pig iron to liquid steel),

Casting (solidification of the liquid steel),

Roughing rolling/billet rolling (reducing size of blocks)

Product rolling (finished shapes).

Various Mills 

Rail & Structural Mill :- Rails, Heavy Structurals, Crane Rails, Crossing sleepers.

Merchant Mill :- Light Structurals, TMT, Round.

Wire Rod Mill :- Wire Rods(Plain), Wire Rods (TMT).

Plate Mill :- Plates.

Continuous casting mill :-Bloom, NWS Slab & Billets from BBM, HC Bloom from CCS, Slab from CCS

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