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Lighting & Adjustment of the Oxyacetylene Welding Flames - Part 2

Adjusting the flame:

  • Open the acetylene valve further and watch the flame near the nozzle tip. Add more acetylene until the flame is just about to separate from the tip. (The flame will separate from the tip of the nozzle if you add too much acetylene.) If so, reduce the flow until the flame reattaches to the tip, and then open the valve again to the near-separation point.

  • Slightly open the oxygen pin valve. If the flame goes out, turn off the gases and try again. DO NOT try and ignite the flame with both oxygen and acetylene pin valves open. As the oxygen is added the flame will turn bluish in color.

  • The blue flame will be divided into 3 different color regions - a long yellowish tip, a blue middle section, and a whitish-blue intense inner section. There are three types of flames as described below :
  1. Neutral - This type of flame is the one you will use most often in the shop. It is called “neutral” because it has no chemical effect upon the metal during welding. It is achieved by mixing equal parts oxygen and acetylene and is witnessed in the flame by adjusting the oxygen flow until the middle blue section and inner whitish-blue parts merge into a single region.
  2. Oxidizing flame - If there is excess oxygen, the whitish-blue flame will be smaller than the blue flame. This flame burns hotter. A slightly oxidizing flame is used in brazing, and a more strongly oxidizing flame is used in welding certain brasses and bronzes.
  3. Reducing - If there is excess acetylene, the whitish-blue flame will be larger than the blue flame. This flame contains white hot-carbon particles, which may be dissolved during welding. This “reducing” flame will remove oxygen from iron oxides in steel.
Lighting & Adjustment of the Oxyacetylene Welding Flames - Part 1

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