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Download Resumes Format For Trainee Engineers

Download Resumes Format For Trainee Engineers
If you have been wondering how to make a resume with no experience, stop worrying. Writing a resume with no work experience is different to a normal resume, but it is easier than it looks.
Basic fresher resume layout
A typical fresher resume fresher resume layout is pretty simple:
  • Name and contact info header- Large standard font, all easy to read.
  • Career objectives- Optional, and not necessarily useful. Keep this section brief and clear, if included.
  • Qualifications- Spell out relevant information. Check to make sure you are providing all the information required and clearly define your skill sets in terms of application requirements. Use the same keywords as the job criteria to get through computer screening.
  • Software skills- This is a common requirement for many employers and a major checklist criteria item for some.
  • Relevant practical experience- Projects, internships, related academic work if applicable. Ensure you address the employer high priority requirements in this section.
  • Achievements- Clearly define your achievements. Expand to include relevant position requirements

Click Here to Download Sample Resume Format for Trainee/Fresher Engineer

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